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"Sex is the only energy that gives you hints that there is something which you cannot control. Money you can control, politics you can control, the market you can control, knowledge you can control, science you can control, morality you can control. Somewhere, sex brings in a totally different world: you cannot control it."- OSHO


Sensual and mystical experience

Let me lead you in a sensual gateway where your senses will be spoiled. I will take my time to create unforgettable moments and tease every inch of your body. Caressing and kissing is what I like the most along with providing affectionate care. I will take my time to create a connexion between us, feeding each other energy. I'm known as being a very kind and natural person, then we will connect right away. I'm passionate to « give» and I do it happily as I know that in life the more we « give» the more we get back!


Kinky and taboo sex

Do you like sex in adventurous positions, loud moaning, dirty talk, hair pulling, light spanking, anal play, extreme gagging, facials, and sex with toys? Then let's do it this way! 


Kinky power exchange

What turns you on, in your head? Is it the hot teacher you used to have in college? Maybe you wish your nurse therapist would take things a little farther. Have you been a "bad boy" so the officer breaks out those handcuffs? Allow you to fulfill your fantasies...


Deep and sacred energy

Tantra is about using erotic massage techniques to encompass all aspects of our being from the physical to the emotional, working in line with the wheels of energy in the body. We can use breathing, meditation, visulization and the power of the mind that blows of the touch of transformation, while maintaining its sexual energy.


The Oldest Obsession

For decades, ancient Rome has been associated in the popular imagination with orgies. In our contemporary times, many of us live under the assumption that our explicit and often wild sexual fantasies that seem so daring to us now, are rather recent developments...

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